5 Ways To See What’s Going On Around You Right Now

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With a smartphone in nearly everyone’s pocket, we live in an age of constant sharing and updates. One of the great results of this trend is that there is lots of information about events, destinations, and establishments around you no matter where you are or where you are going. At Spectafy, we love the idea of using community information to improve planning, and below are 5 apps that can help you make more informed decisions.

Find out What’s Trending Around You with Twitter

If you decide you’ve seen enough #KimKardashian for the day, you can use Twitter to find out what’s trending wherever you are or wherever you might be going. Just navigate to the “Discover” button, and you can manually change your trending search criteria to your city, neighborhood, etc. It’s pretty handy, and probably the best way to make sure you don’t miss any protests or sit-ins.

Twitter discover

See Photos in Your Area with Instagram

Instagram is great for seeing gobs of photos of the places you are interested in. I was curious what the ‘grammers might be up to at Pier 39, and it turns out they really seem to like a very giant looking Christmas tree. Festive!

Instagram #pier39 trending

Instagram can be a fun app for checking out photos of your town, but you never really know if you are going to see something that interests you. With Instagram you are only really limited by the things people are tagging. In other words, if it isn’t something share-worthy in social media, you might be out of luck. Might be tough to find a picture of the California roll at your local sushi joint. Enter Yelp…

See What People Are Doing And What They Think About it with Yelp

Everyone is familiar with using Yelp to check out an establishment like a restaurant, bar, movie theatre, or a dog groomer. If a particular spot is popular for recreation, sightseeing, etc., you can even get the details on a general location, like the sea lions at Pier 39 or suggestions on traveling safely while visiting the Tenderloin


Another cool feature you might not know about in Yelp is the Feed. If you navigate to “More” and then “Nearby Feed”, you can check out what people are up to around you. You can even pick if you want to see all public activity, or just that of your friends. This is a pretty neat way of getting up to the minute reviews and photos of food hot out of the oven and hitting people’s tables nearby.

Get Involved with Sosh

If you are looking specifically for curated activities/events near you, Sosh is great. You can use their filters to make sure you are seeing just the activities that are of interest to you. In addition to being a convenient way for a social butterfly to fill up spare time in a pinch, our favorite part about Sosh is that it gives you the ability to try novel things. Ever wanted to get training on becoming the next graffiti artist urban landscape decorator on your block? No worries, Sosh has you covered.

Explore Your World with Spectafy

With Twitter you can stay in the loop, with Instagram you can see what other people think is photo-worthy, with Yelp you can see products, services, and reviews, and with Sosh you can find events and activities to join right in your neighborhood. With Spectafy, you can see whatever interests you, and you can see it right now. Our growing community of users is a little like one big family of explorers. Instead of being stuck passively watching news feeds, get involved and start asking and answering questions. Want to see how packed your favorite bar is right now, before you head out the door? Try Spectafy!

What does the gigantic Xmas tree look like      Spectafy


Cover photo credit to Kat.
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Ben Watson

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