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As the Leaves In the City Change To Giants Orange, Don’t Miss These Fall Events!

The leaves are changing to Giants Orange, which can only mean one thing – it must be fall in the City!!  Now that you’ve enjoyed the World Series victory parade and a fun Halloween night dressed up as Heisenberg (and hopefully some of the cool events we went to in October) here are some of our favorite events and happenings for November.

Come on out and join us!  Want to see what’s going down before you go?  Get the Spectafy app, now in the Play Store and the App Store, and ask somebody who is already there! (more…)

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Spectafy Beta is here!

We are excited to report that Spectafy Beta has arrived!!  We launched in San Francisco at the beginning of October (for Android), and the response has been incredible.  A huge thank you to all of our Beta users for helping us get the bugs worked out and building the foundation of what we hope will be an incredible community of users!

As we expected, the last few weeks have been a serious learning experience.  We have gained tons of insight on design and usability, and have been thrilled to get a better feel for what the community wants to use Spectafy for.   (more…)

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How We Screwed Up Doing Market Research

At Spectafy, our Team members come from a pretty diverse background of education and career types. One thing that none of us had any particular education or training in was doing “market research” or marketing. I put the term “market research” in quotations because it sounds really formal, and when I hear it I picture being at a big table in the middle of the night with bespectacled and bloodshot eyes, stacks of spreadsheets and financial reports spread before me.


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Startup Team Train

5 Steps to a Badass Startup Team

As a co-founder, building a badass startup team will not only be one of your first challenges, but also the most important one to get right. Here are some of the tidbits we learned while forming our current, and (I think) extremely badass, team.

1. Identify your Weaknesses

The team has to start with me, myself, and I.  We mean this in the most humble of ways.  The reality is that nobody is going to put in more blood, sweat, and tears to execute your vision than you–although great team members may get close.  Remember, in the wise words of Mark Suster,

“Shit happens. Great teams handle adversity better.”


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