Awesome New App Improvements!

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We’ve been hard at work since our last App update in January, and we have once again added a bunch of new features we hope will increase the user experience and get the community excited! As always, to leave us comments or feedback, or to interact with the Spectafy team, head on over to our Support page or our Users Facebook Group or drop us a note at the bottom here!

Far and away the new feature we are most excited about is the ability to post Specs without questions!  Read more below about that and other cool new updates.

Something Cool Happening You Want to Share?  Post a Spec!

The most recent improvements are centered around this new feature, and we are stoked about it. We wanted to make it easier to share  with the rest of the Spectafy community, and this should do it.  You can now share something awesome happening  around the city, whether or not somebody else asked a question. While in the map view, just hit the “Post” button down in the bottom menu to post a spec!  With a community of users roaming the City, what better way could there be to share the coolest happenings around town right now?  Get out and share!

new request button

Color-Coded Categories

As you can see in the screenshot above, we have also added a variety of categories to specs to make finding cool places quicker and more intuitive.  Find the Specs that you are most interested in using the new categories: bars, restaurants, parks, and more!

Suggested Places

In an effort to make asking questions and posting Specs more streamlined, we have added both your current location and suggested nearby locations in a list view when you search for your location.  The Nearby list is a compilation of  stores, restaurants, and places close to you, which will allow for both more accurate data and a better user experience.

new login screen google plus

Share Away!

In this latest version, we have gone to great lengths to reduce annoying steps and simplify processes, including the share feature.  Before you post, just hit the buttons at the bottom of the screen to share to Twitter or Facebook and hit Post.  Voila!  You just shared with your followers, your friends, or both.

place name in header


We want to hear from you!  What do you think about the ability to post Specs without questions? Are you having any issues in the app, or do you have a suggestion for the next big feature? Please let us know, we are here to build for the Spectafy community!

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Ben Watson

Ben runs Customer Development at Spectafy.