The Evolution of Spectafy

Spectafy 2.0 is coming soon in the form of the all new Spark app brought to you by the same familiar team at Spectafy Labs.

We owe a huge thank you to all of our fans in the Spectafy app – we really hope you all check out Spark. We’re super excited to be launching soon in April and to be going worldwide right away!

Spark is, similar to the Spectafy app, all about connecting with what’s happening around you. It’s a simple social network centered around following what’s happening near you right now. Unlike how the Spectafy app required a question and answer from two different users to post at a location, Spark makes sharing what’s happening where you are much easier and (we think) more fun!

Thanks for all the support along the way! More coming soon on the Spark blog.

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5 Ways To See What’s Going On Around You Right Now

With a smartphone in nearly everyone’s pocket, we live in an age of constant sharing and updates. One of the great results of this trend is that there is lots of information about events, destinations, and establishments around you no matter where you are or where you are going. At Spectafy, we love the idea of using community information to improve planning, and below are 5 apps that can help you make more informed decisions. (more…)

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Exclusive Launch for Product Hunters!

We are exclusively launching on Product Hunt today! Besides our friends/family/early-signups hunters have first dibs on checking out Spectafy – which we’re pretty excited about.

If you are reading this and you don’t yet have the app – go to Product Hunt  to get your passcode and download links right now!

If you don’t know what Product Hunt is yet, they say it best:

Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

Thanks for the love!

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The New Era of Ground Truthing is Crowdsourced

Crowdsourcing is the process by which the power of the many can be leveraged to accomplish feats that were once the province of a specialized few.
-Jeff Howe

We are aerospace guys at heart. We see a huge opportunity for crowdsourcing to improve a big part of Earth remote sensing: ground truthing.

Meet Ground Truthing

Through crowdsourcing, satellite and aerial imagery providers have cost effective access to many, many more data points, all over the world.

Ground truthing is the process of comparing data collected on the ground to data collected using remote sensing techniques (typically collected by aircraft or satellite) in order to improve the accuracy of the remotely sensed data. This is done both early in a new sensor’s life in order to calibrate its measurements, as well as when anomalies are detected in order to determine if the sensed anomaly true in real life or an issue with the sensed data.

Enter “exact agriculture” as an example… (more…)

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The Startups We Use to Build Our Startup (And Some Free Resources To Help Build Yours)

When every single second counts, the tools that give you those seconds back are absolutely priceless.

There are tons of tools that we use to get those seconds back, and we put them directly in to building our product.

We use a lot of startups to power our startup, they help us be more efficient and move the needle forward while building Spectafy. The tools we use range from design and development to simple task management and communication.

We love transparency, and we want everyone in our community to move as fast as they can, so we want to show you where our efficiency comes from, and empower you to move more freely, and build faster.

Here’s a tally of the products we use while building!


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7 of Our Favorite Crowdsource Companies, Creating The True Social Experience

Social media has had a pretty wild ride in the past few years.

It’s been a dizzying spiral in all directions with new startups, new disruption, new use-cases, but all along we’ve seen two common trends:

“People and solutions”

People are at the center of every business (obviously), but mainly so with social media companies. Social companies creating better, more in-depth ways to communicate, and to come together.

Solutions have been made for nearly every problem in the social-sphere. The social properties that really solve a fundamental social problem explode into the scene, because they are so useful to the passionate people that use them.

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