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Tons of New App Features!

We are thrilled to announce that we are continuing to improve Spectafy!  Our goal is to make the user experience as seamless and engaging as possible, and we would like to extend a special thanks to all of our beta users for providing invaluable feedback and suggestions. Spectafy is a community-centered app, and we want to deliver an experience that is useful and exciting. Please keep the suggestions coming!

Here are the new features we are most excited about: (more…)

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The Startups We Use to Build Our Startup (And Some Free Resources To Help Build Yours)

When every single second counts, the tools that give you those seconds back are absolutely priceless.

There are tons of tools that we use to get those seconds back, and we put them directly in to building our product.

We use a lot of startups to power our startup, they help us be more efficient and move the needle forward while building Spectafy. The tools we use range from design and development to simple task management and communication.

We love transparency, and we want everyone in our community to move as fast as they can, so we want to show you where our efficiency comes from, and empower you to move more freely, and build faster.

Here’s a tally of the products we use while building!


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How Real-Time Photo Sharing is Being Utilized Around The Web (And Our Vision For It)

Photo sharing is huge, it’s exploded on to the scene as one of the biggest mobile markets in the world.

Instagram alone has over 150 million users on the platform, 16 billion photos shared, and 1 billion likes happening every day. There are now over 2 billion photos uploaded every day, so surely there is a method to this photo-sharing madness


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