The Art and Science of the Long Hold

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The long hold is half art and half science. This puts it in the same very special category as the three finger track pad swipe and the basketball finger roll.

With that said, it’s actually really easy and intuitive once you get the hang of it. To a lot of us it’s already completely normal to do on our phones thanks to selecting locations in Google maps, copy/pasting in text editors, and many more apps. But – it’s an acquired action and not 100% intuitive. So, let’s jump into how it works and why we care so much about the long hold!

In both the Android and iOS Spectafy apps we take advantage of the long hold in the map to select a location anywhere. Once a location is selected a request is created so you can see what’s happening there!

welcomeFirst off, welcome you to the map! This is where the magic happens.

Now, it’s time to explore! Check out requests (answer them if they are nearby!), discover what’s going on around by looking at specs, and ask your own question by either: 1) going to search in the top bar to choose a place or 2) long holding on a location (what we’re diving into here).

So, here comes our definition of long hold:

(Verb) to hold finger on specific location in map for longer than a normal tap.



When you do this you just selected the location where you held your finger. A create request card will pop up that looks something like the middle image below. Then, ask your question at that specific location and hit post to get it out there and get an answer! Your request is now on the map (right image) and you’ll get an answer from a friendly Spectafy member nearby!

mapcreate request

That’s all there is to it! Have fun making requests like a pro and please let us know what you think about Spectafy – we’re building it for you guys!



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Eric Watson

Eric is founder and CEO at Spectafy. He is focused on building a happy user community, strong team, and awesome product.