Our New and Improved App!

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On the heels of our feature roll out last month, we are excited to report that we have added even more awesome features to the Spectafy app! We heard your suggestions and are working hard everyday to make the app as fun & useful as possible. To leave us comments or feedback, or to interact with the Spectafy team, head on over to our Support page or our Users Facebook Group!

Here are the new features we are most excited about:

Get Your Swipe On!

Everyone loves a good swipe, so we made it easier to navigate between the most popular features with the simple flick of your finger.  You can now swipe between specs on the map — if you are viewing a request or completed spec, just swipe left or right to navigate to the next one! This is a quick and easy way to explore, as you will automatically be taken to the location of the next spec on the map.

new request button

Love trending?

Swipe to the right while on the Trending page and you will be taken to the all new Newest page!  This is a great way to keep tabs on both the most popular content as well as what the community is up to right now.

new request button

What’s Happening Here?

Are you looking for general information, or just curious what’s going down at the park before you head out?  “What’s happening here?” is now pre-populated when you make a new request. Of course, you can still ask whatever question is on your mind, but we hope this will be a good way to streamline requests when “What’s happening here?” will get you the intel you need to know!

new login screen google plus

List View

We have solved the problem of multiple specs at one location.  Only one icon will appear at a particular location, even if there are multiple specs at that spot.  When you select a spec at a location that has lots of data, you will see the option to “See 6 More” (or similar) in the top right corner. Selecting this option will allow you to peruse all specs at that location in list view.  Very convenient!

place name in header

 New User Profiles

We are excited to report that we have updated User Profiles — now you can see all of your recent activity in list view below your profile.  This is a great way to keep track of your requests and Specs!  Also, you can now view others’ profiles by just clicking on their profile photo anywhere in the app!

full page spec

Other Improvements

As always, we have been toiling daily to fix small bugs and try to make things as user friendly as possible.  Particularly cool is the new “Locate Me” feature.  If you find yourself in an unfamiliar part of town, or just get caught up in exploring specs and want a quick way to locate yourself, just head to the bottom left corner of the map and click the Locate Me icon!  This feature is a very useful new tool that we are excited to add to the toolbox.

We want to hear from you!  The Spectafy community has been an invaluable source of suggestions and inspiration, so thank you!  Please keep the feedback coming!

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Ben Watson

Ben runs Customer Development at Spectafy.