Spec of the Month – December 2014

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The community found so many cool uses for Spectafy in December that it was tough to pick just one….so we picked two!

The Spectafy app is the perfect tool to explore your city, or even to explore a city you have never been to. Everyone has a camera in their hand today, why not use them to your advantage and see what’s happening before you go!?

Rockstar user Michelle A. was out on the prowl near Pier 39, and used the opportunity to answer a couple of other users’ questions that happened to be nearby. First, Jordan G. wanted to know what kind of critters might be out and about…

See the pier

Second, Stella P. was wondering if there was a good looking spot to get her clam chowder fix.

This is a great example of the community at work. Michelle knocked out two questions in one spot, and helped two community members get the answers they needed. If you want to explore the city, or need some specific intel to better plan your day, Spectafy is the tool for you!

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Ben Watson

Ben runs Customer Development at Spectafy.