Spec of the Month – January 2015

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This month we are highlighting the utility of Spectafy as a planning tool…and showing you how to use the app to make sure your beer drinking experience is everything you want it to be! Whether you prefer a dark bar with plenty of pool tables and neon signs, or a nice sunny park-like setting, Spectafy let’s you see what’s happening before you head out.

Both Britt S and Jane P. wanted to check out the scene at Biergarten a couple of days apart, and here are the results:

See the pier

If you want to make sure there are table spots, want to see if the sun is peeking out, or want to make sure the lager isn’t tapped out, the Spectafy community has you covered. Britt knew she was in for a nice, quiet beer and salted pretzel on a chilly day, while Jane was in for a loud, action-packed drink on a warm, sunny day.

When you need information before you go, or just want to check out the scene, Spectafy has you covered!

Many thanks to Joshua G. and Fritz S. for snapping these great Specs!

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Ben Watson

Ben runs Customer Development at Spectafy.