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Spectafy Beta is here!

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We are excited to report that Spectafy Beta has arrived!!  We launched in San Francisco at the beginning of October (for Android), and the response has been incredible.  A huge thank you to all of our Beta users for helping us get the bugs worked out and building the foundation of what we hope will be an incredible community of users!

As we expected, the last few weeks have been a serious learning experience.  We have gained tons of insight on design and usability, and have been thrilled to get a better feel for what the community wants to use Spectafy for.  The beauty of a user-driven community based app is that its utility is limited only by the creativity of the users–and wow, it’s been fun to see what that creativity looks like!

The first request was made by Brit S. and was answered by Topher G. on October 6th.

How is the line at DMV    Spectafy small

We are working hard to improve the Android app while getting our iOS app ready for prime time. A huge thanks goes to all of our current and future Beta users for their support and invaluable input!  We couldn’t do it without you.

For all of you iPhone users, don’t fear, we will be releasing an iOS version of the app very, very soon!  Stay tuned for details!

Credit for the cover photo goes to Jeff L., who took this AWESOME Spec of McCovey Cove during game 5 of the World Series!  Go Giants!

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Ben Watson

Ben runs Customer Development at Spectafy.