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Tons of New App Features!

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We are thrilled to announce that we are continuing to improve Spectafy!  Our goal is to make the user experience as seamless and engaging as possible, and we would like to extend a special thanks to all of our beta users for providing invaluable feedback and suggestions. Spectafy is a community-centered app, and we want to deliver an experience that is useful and exciting. Please keep the suggestions coming!

Here are the new features we are most excited about:

No more access code!

We finally killed that pesky lock screen!  No more trying to guess our favorite four numbers to get access, the app is open to all.  Please tell your friends!  We are still limited to San Francisco…for now.

Google+ Login

Maybe you are one of the last people on earth trying to stay away from Facebook, or maybe you just prefer Google.  Either way, you can now choose to login with either Facebook or Google+.  In addition, we have caressed the Facebook login process a little bit, it is much quicker and easier now.


new login screen google plus


Create New Request Button

One of our favorite new features is the ability to make a new request while viewing an existing request or spec. This makes it extremely easy to make a new request at a place you are currently looking at in the app. We’ve been playing with this for a few weeks and it makes life so much easier. Now, if you’re looking at a spec of a crazy crowd at Dolores Park from yesterday, you can easily create a new request to see how many fun hipsters are kicking it at the park right now!


new request button


Place Name in Header!

When a request is created at a place using the search feature (restaurant, museum, park, etc.), the name of the place is now in the header. It used to just show the address, but we’ve found the place name to be a huge help!


place name in header


Full Screen Spec Photos

Interacting with a spec has never been easier.  Just click on a photo and it will take you to a full screen image.  From here you can pan and zoom, just like you’ve always wanted to.  Now you can see even the smallest details to make sure your question is answered! (coming soon to Android)


full page spec


Other Improvements

We have been working hard to improve lots of other features as well.  In addition to fixing a few annoying bugs, we have improved the search feature.  You will now find it much smoother and more stable.  We’ve also taken the map tapping functionality back to school, and think you will enjoy a smoother, more mature tap interaction while in the map view.

Again, thanks for all of the support and suggestions, please keep them coming!  Check out the Spectafy Users Facebook Group to interact with other users and our team, and make your voice heard!

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Ben Watson

Ben runs Customer Development at Spectafy.